Board of Directors 

Preliminary May 8, 2018 voting results:

Michael Smaldino            75
John Hildebrandt             68
Jacob Shirk                        65
Tanner Ward                    29
Donald Bigham                28

Board of Directors
Jake Shirk, President (2018)
Roger Lance, Vice-President (2020)
Dr. John Hildebrandt, Treasurer (2018)
Michael Smaldino, Secretary (2018)
Tom Tharnish, Director (2020)
Terri Hayes, Director (2020)
Jason Buckingham, Director (2020)

The District's Board of Directors for 2017 meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month except in November and December at Station 1, located at 18650 Hwy 105.

Special meetings may be held at the Board's discretion with statutory notice being provided on this website.
Next regularly scheduled meeting  will be May 23, 2018 at 6:30 pm

This election will be a polling election on May 8th, located at 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 103, Monument at the TLMFPD Administration from 7a-7p.

Biographies/Statements for 2018 election
Donald Bigham
"I am a retired full-time firefighter. I served 32 years for a fire protection district in the suburban Chicago area. During those years my duties ranged from EMT on an the ambulance, as well as the usual firefighting duties to shift engineer (fire apparatus driver/operator) and shift commander depending on where I was needed for my shift. I was also apparatus mechanic for a many years. On and off I was president of our local firefighters union chapter. Being in all of these various fire service positions gives me experiences and a thorough understanding of a fire district that most residents will not have.

When I heard of openings for the TLMFPD Board of Directors, I felt a calling once again from the fire service in our community. Since I have decided to run for a position on the Board of Directors I have met Chief Truty and numerous TLMFPD personnel. I must say I am highly impressed with the fire department that protects us in our area. I have also started going to TLMFPD board meetings since February in an effort to bring me up to speed on the operations and challenges of our Fire District. I ask all Tri-Lakes Monuments FPD voters to give me your support for this position. My interest is to serve the community and the TLMFPD to the best of my ability utilizing my 30+ years of experience in the fire service."

John Hildebrandt
"My wife Bonnie and I, have been residents of the Tri-Lakes area since 1984.  We have raised our two children, Kelsey and Daniel here and have been active members of the community.  In my spare time I am an oral maxillofacial surgeon in Colorado Springs where I started my practice in 1981.

I am currently the Treasurer of the Fire District and have held that position since 1997.  The District has gone through many positive changes over the last 20 plus years and I am happy to have been instrumental in those changes.  I am thankful the residents of the District voted for the recent mil levy increase, giving well needed financial support to the dept. and  individual fire fighters.  The future plans for the District are promising and I would like to have the opportunity to continue to be instrumental in directing the District, to provide ongoing and improved services to the community,"

Tanner Ward
"As a long time Tri-Lakes resident, LPHS graduate, and former volunteer with the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District, it is my goal as a  board member to help the district prosper though accountability and key decision making.  The recent mill levy increase has helped OUR fire dept. become competitive in hiring and retaining quality personnel and will  allow for replacement of outdated equipment, much of which was in use when I was a member of the dept. nearly 20 years ago.  If elected, I will work closely with the other Board Members and the Office of the Fire Chief to implement and maintain fiscally responsible programs to benefit the TriLakes Monument FIre Protection District and the taxpayers."
Michael Smaldino
"My name is Mike Smaldino and I am seeking re-election to TLMFPD Board.  During the past 4 years serving on the board, I have watched this district  make  great strides to serve our citizens better.  I have come to understand our districts history and can see the vision of how we are going to improve in the future.  Recently, our community passed a new mil levy and I feel as though our  board was transparent with how your money would be spent  and what the future plans are for the district.  I am proud to say that I voted to not use the entire mil levy rate increase and chose to work within the      Chief's budget  to ensure we did not have to collect more money from you, our taxpayers.  I have been a Monument resident for 13 years and my wife of 21 years and I have 2 kids that attend our local D38 schools.  This community is my home and I beleive in providing the highest level of safety and fire protection possible.  I regularly talk to my neighbors in Jackson Creek to get their perspective on TLMFPD.  I have found that we need to continue improving our communication with the comunity and look forward to working with our Chief to improve that plan.  I support our firefighters wholeheartedly and feel as though my actions over the past 4 years reflect that.  The Monument Professional Firefighters have endorsed  me and I hope to have your support this election."   

 Jacob Shirk
 "I have over 42 years of active service in law enforcement and am currently employeed as the Chief of Police.  I have served as an elected official on the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District for the last 6 years.  I have a Masters of Arts in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources and have been an adjunct professor at Colorado Technical College.  I also, on a free basis, train faith-based organizations on safety and security, an unfortunate reality in today's world.  I have been married for 41 years and have been blessed with 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

Being involved in both law enforcement and fire service, I have had the opportunity to have some influence in keeping our community safe through enhancing responses to critical incidences as well as to train both services on  a coordinated responses to active shooter scenarios.  Public safety has been my life and it is what I am dedicated to.​"