General Information

Ambulance Billing

Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District (TLMFPD) takes pride in being the emergency responders for the area. In our continuing efforts to provide quality service, please email any comments or concerns to Jennifer, or call (719) 484-0911. We really value any feedback on our services.

TLMFPD assesses fees for the delivery of pre-hospital medical and ambulance transport services, in accordance with regional pricing. Although emergency services are performed by TLMFPD, billing operations and the collection of fees are generated by a private billing company, Andres Billing/Fire Recovery.  For billing inquiries or payment information, please call 1-800-244-2345. Fax 1-800-329-5279 or 224-232-5717

Please assure that we have correct insurance information. Copies of insurance cards, information or payments can be mailed to TLMFPD at 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 103, Monument, CO 80132. We accept credit cards or checks, but do not accept American Express or cash.  We do offer monthly payments with no interest. Please note: Returned check fee disclaimer, see fee schedule.

Click here  to pay your ambulance bill online.