2/14/19 Follow us on Twitter. High Wind Warnings today. 

November 21, 2018 Click here for information on Toy Drive for Santa on Patrol.

October 9, 2018 
The opening of the Station 1 RFP proposals has been delayed.  We aim to make some progress shortly and will be in touch will all who submitted proposals.

August 22, 2018 
The RFP for the Station 1 remodel has been reposted with a submission deadline at the end of Sept.
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August 9, 2018 TLMFPD is hiring. See flyer

August 1, 2018
TLMFPD in need of Request for Proposal for Fire Station Living Quarters Remodel.

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors called for June 13, 2018.

May 12, 2018 Neighorhood Wildfire Workshop 
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May 8, 2018 Board Election Day.
Polling location is TLMFPD Admin, located at 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 103, Monument from 7 am - 7 pm. 
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Fire Restrictions- Click here

March 2, 2018
Gallagher update from the Colorado State Fire Chiefs

 January 29, 2018
The TLMFPD is accepting self-nominations to serve on the District's Board of Directors.  Three expiring terms will be open for election.  Forms may either be picked up at the District's offices at 16055 Old Forest Point, Ste 103 or clicking here to download.  For more information, contact the District office at 719-484-0911.  The deadline for self-nomination forms is 4:30p on Friday, March 2.

June 28, 2017
The TLMFPD Board of Directors voted to approve the movement of the District's headquarters back to within District boundaries.   Effective on/around January 1, 2018, the District's new administrative offices will be located at 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 103 in Monument.  This office building is located behind the Ent Credit Union on Jackson Creek Parkway.  There is a chance that the move could be earlier than that based on leasing arrangements.

May 25, 2017
The TLMFPD family would like to welcome new firefighters AJ Armstrong, Matt Edmunds, and Golden Rains who just completed 14 weeks of firefighter academy at the West Metro FPD Training Center.  Welcome aboard!  Also,  TLMFPD would like to congratulate Kris Mola on his promotion to Battalion Chief.  Well done Kris!

May 13, 2017
Starting last Monday, May 8, 2017, the TLMFPD inplemented a TEMPORARY operational change to assist with stresses on our firefighters and paramedics caused by a temporary staffing shortage.   That change included removing an engine from service at the Woodmoor station and moving an ambulance from the Hwy 105 station to the Woodmoor station.   THIS STATION IS NOT CLOSED .  The purpose of this configuration was to minimize the temporary impact across the entire TLMFPD community.   It's expected that this change will last no longer than August 1 and if possible, will be rescinded earlier.   Should daily environmental conditions change such that there is a heightened risk to our area on any given day, we will return, for that day, to a normal if not overstaffed, model.

TLMFPD runs a bare minimum staffing model in that it has no personnel cushion for routine absences or vacancies and is solely covered by having personnel work overtime when absences occur and positions need to be filled.  This becomes a safety issue for both you, our community, and our personnel when this happens for an extended period of time but we will continue to provide the best levels of service the community expects while limiting any additional risk to both.  

May 1, 2017
Job Announcement- EMS Paramedic
Application Period May 1 - May 22, 2017.
See Employment page for details

March 15, 2017
To all builders/developers requesting a return of previously paid impact fees:

  • TLMFPD will return all impact fees, 100%, paid to the District since the Town of Monument approved the impact fee on October 17, 2016.  There is no need for a builder/developer to apply for this return.

  • Impact fees for the benefit of the district imposed by the Town of Monument at its meeting October, 2016 will be collected April 1, 2017.  Builders needing to pull a permit prior to April 1, may do so without paying fee.

TLMFPD will begin processing builders’ claims for a return of the agreed upon fees immediately.  Under the terms of the Board approved ‘Dispute Resolution, Waiver, and Release of Claims’ which the builders, via the Homebuilders Association, affirmed was acceptable to the builders on March 3, 2017, builders may now apply for a return of the agreed upon fees upon providing proof of payment of those fees.  Once the District validates the request, payment will be provided consistent with the terms of the agreement.

Any questions may be directed to District offices at 719-484-0911.

March 13, 2017
During a routine review of records in late 2015, TLMFPD staff discovered that in 2006 an approval process for the implementation of a new fee was not completed thoroughly. The fee, known as an impact fee, is assessed on builders of new construction to help offset any capital expenditures that the District may incur due to the impact the new growth has on the services the organization provides to the community. Once this was discovered, the District immediately halted its collection.

Since 2015, the District has been in the process of completing the appropriate steps for fee implementation however, the collection of fees over the 10-year span, has been questioned. The TLMFPD Board will be returning a portion to builders, who engaged in new construction during that timeframe and make a claim. Funds for this arrangement are available from a restricted account set up for the collection of impact fees to be used for future capital expenditures.

Questions can be directed to the TLMFPD Fire Chief Chris Truty at 719-484-0911 between the hours of 8:00a and 4:30p Monday-Friday